Friday, December 2, 2011

Birthday Month

Yeayy ~~ its November !!

After waiting 10 months time~ here come the end of November  Our Birthday month 

For Him

For ME =)


that's right ~ No doubt ! we have our celebration at Zouk ;-)

Take 1 to Take 7 !!

The Pou kah 1 .. 2 .. 3..

The Pou Kah 1 2 3 4 5 !!

Jian & Uncle Thomas ~ Nice one =D

Huhuhu~~ here is Our birthday cake !!! 

Happy Birthday to Jian Lun  

Happy Birthday to Manfat

 Happy Birthday to Me

wheeeeee ~~

OMG ~~ miss u all so much ~~ 

This is the only only only pic we have ...


Genting time ~

3 sohai ~~ But we are so Lovely ~ aren't we ??

playing with phone while waiting xueboon go casino n take her worldcard~

this is the only only only photo we took at genting T.T

Shopping time 

Babe bring me shopping @ Pavilion ~~
Why ?? 


SEE ~~

deng deng ~ there is a sticky wonderland here!! 

Welcome to my sticky Wonderland ~ 

So Awesome !! The super big bottle of candy ~


love it so much ..


Can i have one in my house ??? pleaseeeeee 

smile ~ But he looks not that happy =0

♥ my lovely Hello Kitty  ♥

Where are we ??

hehehe~ we are inside the golden christmas ball ornament 


before we back babe's home ~

he promise me bring me to 100yen for Snowflake ice !!

but unfortunally ...the 100yen shop at uptown close down d =(

here is the replacement !!

Wootttsss~ my first chattime =)

Taste good ...better than moli..coolblog ...jumbo..

better n better ~

Thanks All My Fren :
XueBoon Amo GayWeng PrawnTee Amber 
Uncle Thomas Manfred Gabriel Zhong yi  

                                               I appreciate the time we were together  .. 

                                                         enjoyed much much much

                          (搜集整理)上千条精美分割线(四) - 异乡客 - 异乡客的博客

Thanks JianLun rode me here n there
 shopping ..submit data to ptptn..
Thanks ...



AmBeR said...

wow.. i like this posttt soooo much...

sticky!!!! genting gt but i din buy.. so regret d.. nice pavillion.. i must go d!!!1

ptptn you submit what?

NicolaTheGreenSoda said...

genting got sticky ???

jom go tis weekend i m in kl !
last week reli rush ! we totally no time take photo n update news !
ptptn submit hardcopy lo...after received email have to submit in 3 months time...but i late for another 20days ! hope the pengawai close one eye lo ><